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Breakfast Champion has been around for a while now, a few years in fact, but we are still doing our thing, rocking out breakfast favourites daily, and supplying you with top quality meat products all over China. 

A Little About Us

Breakfast Champion was the brainchild of a Northern Irish chef who came to China craving his beloved Ulster Fry, quickly realising most of the components were a no-go or simply overpriced knockoffs.

He decided enough was enough and that was the moment Breakfast Champion was born, with this simple idea, and champion food knowledge, he set out with two objectives in mind, the first, to source high-quality meat and then produce safe and affordable back bacon, sausages and black pudding direct to your door. The second, to sell enough bacon to cover the cost of his own breakfast demands!

This small-time thinking soon changed though when demand for the product grew rapidly.

Whilst Breakfast Champion was creating a buzz around town in Shanghai, neighbouring cities began to hear the word. Quickly our delivery range grew as Breakfast Champion spread.

With demand increasing, Breakfast Champion soon turned from a one-man bacon business to a fully operational business run by four fry-ups loving Brits. This growth allowed for a mass expansion, and the birth of what Breakfast Champion is today!

We now supply over 70 different meat products from around the world and deliver to over 40 cities in China.

Our Product Range

Everything we sell comes from high quality, sustainable sources including the UK, Australia, Canada, and high-quality, higher welfare, local products. We are constantly expanding, innovating, upgrading, and updating our product range in order to serve you, the people.