Breakfast Pack 2 (Beijing)


Earn up to 398 Points.

Enough to feed 4-6 people when serving up a whopping big breakfast, or enough for 1-2 people for individual delights for at least a week.

Beijing and Shanghai Lockdown Packs

Dear Customers,

1.Please be aware that shipping costs are higher than normal due to a sudden change in the pandemic status. We apologize for an inconvenience caused.

2. Currently we can only deliver select packs in the “Beijing and Shanghai Lockdown Packs” section of the store.

3. If a lockdown pack is ordered to be delivered to a city other than Beijing or Shanghai the cost will be refunded and the order canceled.

4. If and order for Beijing or Shanghai includes an item not in the lockdown section, only the lockdown items will be sent and the remainder of the order will be sent once the situation improves.

5. For Shanghai delivery, due to a packaging shortage, orders will be delivered cold chain up to the delivery address only, once delivered it will be in a plastic bag and will need to be collected ASAP so it remains chilled, delivery will be contactless only.

For Beijing orders can be delivered in thermo packaging, contactless only.

6. Packs will be delivered within 72 hours of ordering.

7. Please be aware we cannot take responsibility for orders that are delivered to compounds placed on “silence” periods once the delivery process is completed.

8. For Shanghai, once your order has been delivered you will receive a text (in English and Chinese) to go and collect.

9. For Beijing, once your order has been delivered you will receive a text (in Chinese) via SF express to go and collect.
Gross Weight 2.32 kg

English Sausage 2 x 360g


Traditional Black Pudding 1 x 500g

Square Sausage

Lorne (Square) Sausage 2 x 275g

Bacon 1

British Pork Smoked Back Bacon 2 x 200g

Bacon 2

British Pork Smoked Streaky Bacon 2 x 200g