Curtice Brothers Tomato Ketchup


Curtice Brothers European certified Organic Tomato Ketchup is made from fruits and vegetables harvested in Tuscany, Italy. This results in a ketchup that is low sugar and salt, high in tomato and the health giving lycopene, and full of bright fresh flavour. Perfect to accompany a portion of potatoes, fries of to spread on a homemade hamburger or good piece of grilled meat.

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"Edgar and Simeon Curtice shared a passion for food. They opened their first grocery store in 1868 where they sold fresh fruit and vegetables. Soon they began to develop sauces and condiments using the fresh produce from their store and developed the recipe for their famous Tomato Ketchup which was said to have the richest flavor – like red-ripe tomatoes in a bottle.

With the same passion and thorough research we re-created Curtice Brothers’ once famous Ketchup. Today, we cook our sauces with care and joy using real ingredients. Organic Italian tomatoes, onions and apples - not flavours from a bottle or tin. We cook our tomato ketchup – our signature sauce - to retain the full-bodied flavor of fresh tomatoes resulting in a ketchup low in sugar and salt and high in tomato that has won the Great Taste Award four consecutive years in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.  We think this makes a good sauce and a good sauce makes a great meal, which is a great joy."
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