Sausage Roll Bap Kit


Earn up to 158 Points.

Everything you need to get your sausage rolls bap game on.
1 Pack of Sausage Rolls 500g (4 Sausage Rolls / pack, any flavor, You can choose)
1 Pack of Burger Bun 400g (6 Buns)
1 Pack of HP Sauce 220ml, Curtice Brothers Tomato Ketchup 300g

Gross Weight 1.5 kg
Sausage Rolls

Aussie Beef and English Mustard Sausage Roll, British Pork, Sage, and Apple Sausage Roll, British Pork, Smoked Paprika, and Jalapeño Sausage Roll, British Pork Cumberland Sausage Roll

Burger Buns

Burger Bun


Curtice Brothers Tomato Ketchup x 1, HP Sauce x 1