Suns Out Guns Out (4~7 Person)


Earn up to 558 Points.

Enjoy your barbecue with an extra slice of FREEDOM this summer with Smokey slow-cooked meats, wings, and bbq classics to boot!

Sausage 1

Jumbo Pork Hotdogs 200g x 2, Irish Sausage 360g x 1, Hot Italian Sausage 360g x 1


Small Burgers (150g) 300g x 2

Cheese 1

Kerry Gold Mature Cheddar Slices 150g x 1, Kerry Gold Mild Red Cheddar Slices 150g x 1, Kerry Gold Mild White Cheddar Slices 150g x 1

Rib 1

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs 750g, Smoked BBQ Beef Ribs 1000g

Chicken Wings

Jerk Chicken Drumettes 500g x 1

Buns 1

Hotdog Buns 420g x 1

Buns 2

Burger Buns 400g x 1

Sauce 1

Curtice Brothers Chili Ketchup 300g, Curtice Brothers Tomato Ketchup 300g

Sauce 2

Woolworths Mild American Mustard 250g