Weekly Essentials Luxury


Earn up to 959 Points.

Eat like a king (or queen) for a week with a box full of prime cuts and meats, mix and match your way to the throne of happiness.

Gross Weight 4.96 kg
Bacon Choose One

British Pork Smoked Streaky Bacon 200g, British Pork Unsmoked Streaky Bacon 200g, Turkey Bacon 200g, British Pork Smoked Back Bacon 200g, British Pork Unsmoked Back Bacon 200g

Sausages Choose One

Cumberland Sausage 360g, Chicken and Herbs Sausage 360g, Fresh Chorizo Sausage 360g, Lincolnshire Sausage 360g

Deli Meats Choose One

Smoked Sliced Ham 200g, Unsmoked Sliced Ham 200g

Aussie Beef Choose One

Ribeye Steaks 250g x 2

Aussie Lamb Choose One

Aussie Lamb Mince 500g x 1

Poultry Choose One

Cajun Chicken Breast 500g, Argentine Chicken Breast 500g, Peri Peri Chicken 500g

Smoked BBQ Ribs Choose One

Smoked BBQ Beef Ribs

Roasting Joint Choose One

Great British Pork Loin Roasting Joint about 2kg